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"Avalokiteshvara" performed by Taos Chamber Music Group

International, Philadelphia based composer Andrea Clearfield will participate in the performance of Avalokiteshvara-Compassion, the second movement of her chamberwork Lungta-the Windhorse, at the Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico, on September 17th and 18th, 2016 at 5:30 PM. The chamberwork corresponds to The Lungta Triptych, three paintings by visual artist Maureen Drdak. Both chamberwork and paintings form The Lungta Collaborative, and were commissioned in 2008 by Dr. Linda Reichert and The Network for New Music, one of America's premiere new music ensembles. Drdak's central image of The Lungta Triptych, Avalokiteshvara-Compassion, corresponding image to Clearfield's second movement of the same name, will be featured during the performances at the Harwood Museum.  Read about The Lungta Collaborative here, and listen to the work of Andrea Clearfield here.