The Killing of Lions: an Iraqi war meditation

In the Collection of Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani and Sheikha Mozah of Qatar.

The Killing of Lions; An Iraqi War Meditation, is the only contemporary work of art to reinterpret the famous works of Assyrian genius, the Lion Hunts of Ashurbanipal. One of the most famous works of the ancient world, the Lion Hunts were originally created for the North Palace of Nineveh in the 7th century B.C, near modern day Mosul, Iraq, and currently reside in the British Museum. Drdak’s The Killing of Lions; An Iraqi War Meditation was conceived of as a meditation on the war in Iraq and its resulting civilian casualties; the subject of numerous exhibitions and lectures, it is a work which bridges and redefines the art of the deep past with that of the immediate present.

Acrylic with mineral particles on wood panel, 2004
Four Images, each 33H x 96W x 2D inches

(Installation at The Planes of AspirationPenn College of Technology, 2008)

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For theoretical perspectives on the the "modernity" of Assyrian art read and excerpt from "The Forms of Violence: Narrative in Assyrian Art and Modern Culture" by Leo Bersani and Ulysse Dutoit